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How to Create an MS Office Account?

First, it is mandatory that every user need to have an account on MS Office because it is a primary requisite to complete the MS Office purchase. Thus, here we have written steps to create an MS Office account, pursue them if you want assistance:

▪ Open your preferred device.
▪ Go to the Web Browser.
▪ Navigate
▪ Tap on My Account tab.
▪ Select the Sign-up icon.
▪ Enter all the required information into given spaces.
▪ Choose I Agree to accept all License Terms and Agreement of MS Office.
▪ Your MS Office account is created successfully.

How to Download MS Office Setup?

Afterward, the users need to download the ideal MS Office product they want to install on their device. Here are the steps to download MS Office on your device:

▪ Open Web Browser on your ideal device.
▪ Type into the URL bar.
▪ Go to the Shop Products tab.
▪ Tap on the Microsoft Office button.
▪ Select all MS Office products that you want to download.
▪ Add all of them to the appeared Download list icon.
▪ Hit the Shop Now button to continue.
▪ Choose the option of Add to cart.
▪ Check that MS Office's configuration matches your device's specs.
▪ Select the option of Buy and Download Now.
▪ Tap on the Check Out button.
▪ Enter the username and password of your MS Office's account to access it.
▪ Find and open email of MS Office.
▪ Tap on the appeared Download Link to launch the downloading process.
▪ Wait for a few seconds until the downloading process starts.

How to Install MS Office Setup?

Once the users have succeeded in saving MS Office files on their devices, they need to install it. Here are the steps to install MS Office on your device:


If you're going to install MS Office on your Windows device, follow the below-written steps: 

▪ Open the Start Menu on your ideal device.
▪ Find recently downloaded MS Office file through the Search bar.
▪ Double-tap on the located file to begin the installation process.
▪ Wait for few seconds until the installation starts. 


If you want to install MS Office on your Mac, then follow the below written steps:

▪ Launch Finder on your ideal device.
▪ Go to the Downloads tab.
▪ Navigate the MS Office file that you have recently downloaded.
▪ Begin the installation process by double-tapping on the navigated file.
▪ Hit the Next button.
▪ Click on the option of Install Button.
▪ Enter your device's passcode into the appeared box.
▪ Press the button of Install Software to continue.
▪ Wait for few seconds until the installation starts. 

How to Activate MS Office Setup?

Once the users have succeeded in installing MS Office on their devices, they need to activate it. Here are the steps to activate the MS Office setup.

▪ Press Window + R key together.
▪ A Run Dialog box will appear.
▪ Open MS Office Setup that you have installed lately.
▪ Once found, double-click to begin the activation process.
▪ Run any one Office app; MS-Excel or MS-Word.
▪ Tap on the appeared Activate option.
▪ Hit the Continue button.
▪ Enter your Product key into the relevant section.
▪ Wait for a few seconds until the activation process is over.